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Midori Food X-Ray Inspection System from MEKITEC.
Midori Food X-Ray Inspection System from MEKITEC.

Midori Solutions private limited , is a company involved into Food Inspection solutions. To provide 360 degree food safety, we have collaborated with Mekitec Oy.

Mekitec is a global manufacturer of X-ray systems for the food industry. The company is committed to ensuring safe food by providing inspection systems with the best value in the industry. MEKI™ X-ray systems are a part of the food production line guaranteeing the safety and quality by detecting and removing food products that contain unwanted foreign objects or other defects by using the latest X-ray imaging and processing technology, resulting in 100% food quality control.

Food safety and quality control are the need of the hour and the global trends are steeply increasing. In today's world where market is open, Many authorities, global retail chains, and even consumers demand better and consistent quality from the food products they buy. It is expected that food producers are aware of their safety risks and control them accordingly while maintaining the high quality of their food products. These contaminations doesn't only come from Raw materials but also from the process and not limited to the metals only. Foreign objects like Glass, Stone, Ceramic, High Density Rubber and Plastic are few of the major trouble maker for food manufacturer. This level of food safety and quality can be achieved by implementing Mekitec’s food X-ray inspection system in your production line. By automating the quality and safety inspection with X-ray inspection systems, food producers can eliminate the risks of contamination due to human errors and improve the efficiency of their production line by inspecting for foreign objects and other quality defects simultaneously.


  • MEKI is perfect for quality control in the following food sectors:
  • Bakery, confectionery, dairy, ready meals, flavoring, vegetables and fruits, meat and poultry, fish.

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