A DWS (Dimensioning, Weighing, and Scanning) system is indeed a highly accurate and efficient solution for acquiring specific parcel or object data, including dimensions, weight, volume, and barcode scanning. This technology offers numerous benefits in terms of automation, precision, and time savings.

The precise measurements provided by a DWS system ensure accurate inventory management and logistics operations. The system captures the exact dimensions, weight, and volume of each parcel, allowing businesses to optimize storage space, plan shipments effectively, and calculate accurate shipping costs. This accuracy helps reduce the risk of overcharging or undercharging customers based on inaccurate measurements.

The vision and barcode inspection system provided by Midori Solutions Private Limited has found extensive applications across various industries. This versatile system combines advanced vision technology with barcode scanning capabilities to deliver efficient and accurate inspection solutions. 

Overall, our vision and barcode inspection system find widespread use in industries such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare, logistics, and more. With its ability to combine barcode scanning and visual inspection, it enhances efficiency, accuracy, and quality control in various operational aspects, making it a valuable asset for businesses in diverse sectors.

conveyors are indispensable tools that improve efficiency, increase output, reduce costs, and contribute to smooth operations in a wide range of industries. By automating material movement, businesses can optimize workflow, enhance productivity, minimize labor costs, improve safety, and adapt to evolving production needs

We have many types of conveyors available, each serving specific purposes in different industries. The selection of the appropriate conveyor type depends on factors such as the nature of materials being transported, the required throughput, the operational environment, and the desired level of automation. 

our range of conveyors designed to offer a seamless integration into your operations while providing simplicity and innovation. Whether you require flat belt conveyors, modular belt conveyors, incline and decline belt conveyors, food-grade conveyors, flat top chain conveyors, or accumulation conveyors, we have the solution for you.


Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS) are indeed valuable tools for optimizing warehouse operations and improving overall efficiency.

Overall, Warehouse Management Solutions play a crucial role in optimizing warehouse operations, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving customer satisfaction. Implementing a WMS can lead to significant improvements in productivity, accuracy, and overall supply chain performance.