We represent Mekitec Food X-Ray inspection system in India

Mekitec group is focused on developing and manufacturing innovative quality control systems for food manufacturers. We are committed to ensure safe food by providing X-ray systems with the best value in the industry.

The founders of Mekitec utilized their X-ray inspection background to develop a new innovative solution which enabled food manufacturers to inspect their products with the high-end technology on each primary packaging production line.

X-ray detects foreign objects and quality issues more precisely and broadly compared to metal detection technology, and it assists food manufacturers to answer the increasing quality requirements in the food industry. Our company’s mission is to help food manufacturers to answer this challenge with solutions that are truly designed for customers’ evolving needs and industry regulations.

A checkweigher is an automatic machine for checking the weight of packaged commodities. It is normally found at the off going end of a production process and is used to ensure that the weight of a pack of the commodity is within specified limits. Any packs that are outside the tolerance are taken out of line automatically. his is not only required by law, but also beneficial for manufacturers to help them reach greater efficiency at lower costs.

The right application of weight control techniques can allow the food production and packaging manufacturer to virtually eliminate consumer complaints about underweight packages. Well-crafted and maintained checkweigher systems can also help the manufacturer significantly reduce costs related to overweight packages by decreasing the average fill weight through improved accuracy.

A metal detector is an electronic instrument which detects the presence of metal contamination hidden within objects that may have contaminated them during the production process. Because most food processing equipment is made of metal, fragments of this material can be unintentionally introduced to the products, posing a hazard to consumers. \

Contamination of food by metal shards from broken processing machinery, loose screws and bolts, machine parts, metal tags, screen wire, blades etc during the manufacturing process is a major safety issue in the food industry. Metal detectors for this purpose are widely used and integrated into the production line. Any of these contaminants can cause serious harm to consumers and lead to severe legal consequences for food manufacturing companies. Metal particles and fragments can also damage food production and packaging machinery, which can be expensive and time-consuming to repair.


We also offer customised software solutions for various applications ranging from Automatic data loggers for checkweighers to Recipe Management Systems. our software can easily integrate with various PLC/Computer software for seemless data connectivity.

At present many of Food product manufacturing companies relies on human to record data for the critical recipes tracking under process which is crucial for final products. However human can create mistake and can lead to a loss of whole batch. Our system helps customer to fully automate or use a semi-automatic approach to avoid the human dependencies and creating the same product every time.  It can also be connected to existing industrial systems like PLC, Sensors, scada etc to generate a 0% human dependent system. 

==> It has improved the process to an error free system which can the manufacturer to get a 100% traceability of the recipe and its ingredients. we have supplied to leading Spice manufacture where it is serving them since almost 3 years.

==> Considering the ever growing food and snacks requirement in India, we can see a large no of manufacturers who are there to cater this huge potential customer. this solution can help them to be always providing the same quality product to customer whenever they want.