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We offer different type of customised software to suit the customer requirement. Our advanced datalogging software can help you to save all the data automatically and can create custom reports to use the data efficiently.

Similarly our another solution is a combination of existing hardware like checkweigher, Barcode scanners, 3D profilers, industrial printer along with the Software to creative a fully automatic system for new logistic era. It can be used for intelligent warehousing as well as product logistics, traceability and tracking.

Tailor Made Customised Datalogging software

Available in a variety of formats

 It can remove the manually writing the boxes data available at warehouse as it can track the boxes through barcode scanners and give a report for the available stocks.

similarly Can give exact load for the boxes along with the no and ID as it can help to weight the boxes automatically and track the material against the invoice loaded in the truck. As of now most of the customer is relying on Human to count the boxes and weighing the boxes one by one.

Our system can make it easy , fast and error free. Our software can be easily integrated with all type of printer like Label Printers, Industrial CIJ and TIJ Printer, Print and Apply Systems etc.

Recipe Management System

Available in a variety of formats

We offer a combination of hardware and software solutions to help the industry for maintaining the records and recipes. At present many Food product manufacturing companies rely on humans to record data for the critical recipe tracking under process which is crucial for final products. However, humans can create mistakes that can lead to a loss of the whole batch. Our system helps customers to fully automate or use a semi-automatic approach to avoid the human dependencies and creating the same product every time.  It can also be connected to existing industrial systems like PLC, Sensors, SCADA, etc to generate a 0% human-dependent system. 

==> It has improved the process to an error-free system which can the manufacturer to get a 100% traceability of the recipe and its ingredients. we have supplied to leading Spice manufacture where it is serving them since almost 3 years.

==> Considering India's ever-growing food and snacks requirement, we can see a large number of manufacturers who cater to this huge potential customer. this solution can help them to be always providing the same quality product to customer whenever they want.