who we are ?

Our company offers a comprehensive range of hardware and software solutions to create fully automatic systems for the new logistics era. By combining existing hardware like X-Ray Inspection Systems, Checkweighers, Boxweighers, Metal Detectors, Conveyor Systems, Customized Datalogging Software, Industrial Printers, Vision and Barcode Scanners, and Secondary Packaging Machines, we can tailor a system that meets the specific needs of manufacturing units, intelligent warehousing, and product logistics.

The fully automatic system we provide enables efficient traceability and tracking of products throughout the supply chain. With our solutions, manufacturers can automate their processes, ensuring accuracy, speed, and reliability in production, packaging, and distribution.

Our X-Ray Inspection Systems help detect contaminants, ensuring the safety and quality of products. The Checkweighers and Boxweighers ensure accurate weight measurements, while the Metal Detectors identify any metal contaminants that may be present. Conveyor Systems enable seamless transportation of products, optimizing efficiency and minimizing manual handling. Our customized Datalogging Software allows for easy data collection, storage, and analysis, providing valuable insights into production and quality control. Industrial Printers offer efficient and high-quality printing solutions for labeling and identification purposes. Vision and Barcode Scanners facilitate quick and accurate data capture, enhancing inventory management and tracking.

Additionally, our Secondary Packaging Machines assist in automating the packaging process, increasing productivity and reducing labor-intensive tasks.  

By integrating these technologies, we create a fully automatic system that enhances operational efficiency, improves product traceability, and streamlines logistics processes. It caters to a wide range of industries, offering advanced solutions for manufacturing units, intelligent warehousing, and product logistics in the new era of logistics and supply chain management.

Inspection Solutions

Food X-Ray Inspection System.

Metal Detectors

Dynamic Check-weighers

Box weight Inspection System

Vision/Barcode inspection System

Conveyor Solutions

Belt Conveyors

Roller Conveyors (Ideal and Powered)

Flexible Conveyor 

Special Application Conveyors.

Product Handling Systems   

Packaging Solutions

Automatic Tapping machine

Strapping Machine

MAP Systems

Flow Wrappers

VFFS machines..

Software Solutions

Data-logging Software.

Recipe Management Software.

Warehouse management Tools.

Print and Apply Systems

Customised Software Solutions.

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ONE COmpany. Limitless Solutions.


Deep & Accurate Product and Application understanding

Product Design

Innovative, Smart and Ergonomic Product designs with long life span.


In-House Hardware, Software Development and Automation.


Professional and Trained team to support you at any given Time